From the recording MINIMUM

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Written and performed by Millagram
Produced by Paul Cargnello and Millagram

Zodiac signifier: Cancer
12th house



I can’t explain the shift that happened to me
The day you showed up and you happened to be
Sleeping on my couch with a good vouch from my roomie
I think he knew exactly what I would do
The day you showed up I had to find out
What this stylish guy was really about
I’m glad I didn’t miss it, my heart it insisted
It turned the lights on, it turned me right on
That old heart of mine was gettin a bit cold
That old game I was puttin on was gettin a bit old
But like a wood stove I cuddled up next to your coals
Clarity came to light up my goals

I’m in a new place, I’m in a new time
It’s back to me again and I’m feeling fine
No need to make up for lost time
I’m moving forward, not reaching behind

Sitting in my car listening to deep roots
I brought the roach from last night lets just give it a hoot
And let our souls converse about the joy and hurt
About letting things go because you know their worth
I have no expectations I was glad we met
A few hours in a few days I will never regret
It brought me a step closer back to myself
For a few years there, I had put me on the shelf
I’ve been running around searching for that missing piece
Tired from the race, trying to find relief
Then you came, and you gave that to me
Just want to thank you, and let things be