Capstone Blog February 2022

February made a fast finish but was full of flurries and floral puzzles. I progressed faithfully on my album project: 


I set up a pretty sweet closet vocal booth for me to get nice dead vocal tracks complete with vintage family furs and wool sweaters ( I don't know why this uploaded sideways :PPP so just turn your head to the left) 


Some of my friends I had booked to record at my home studio came down with the infamous flu so I continued on my own tracking bass, guitar and finally some final vocals! I have also been combing through stems, doing editing and finalizing instruments and arrangements. I should be able to work with what I've done on my own with the compositions but I put in a last request to get some drums and vocals done in the next two weeks with my very busy high school band mates here in my hometown. Worst case ontario, I use the drums I programmed, with more finessing and use my own backing vocals. I really wanted live horn parts though so I will prioritize these and maybe cast the net again. 

By the time I write my next blog I should have already sent my stems to Mike for mixing and may be getting some drafts, which I am overly excited about. I have been listening to my own mixes of the songs as I record and arrange them but getting the track back from a real mixing session is like a warm scented bath for the ears when they've been rolling in dirt for the last two years. 

I have been brainstorming ideas for eventual visuals for some of the tracks involving animated drawings. I plan to reach out to my talented cousin Matthew who lives in Montreal to explain the idea to and see if he can help execute it.

Until the end of March!

xo MG