Capstone Blog March/April

This will be my last post for my capstone project as I have my album in the mixing stage and ready to submit for grading. I will continue working on the album post-school to get it ready for commercial release.The…

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Capstone Blog February 2022

February made a fast finish but was full of flurries and floral puzzles. I progressed faithfully on my album project: 


I set up a pretty sweet closet vocal booth for me to get nice dead vocal…

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Capstone Blog January 2022

January passed like another night's dream as the dead of winter sets in. 

calendar art by Amanda Morley 

Accomplishments this month include confirming my ole buddy Mike Ritchie to mix and master this upcoming album in March and…

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Capstone Blog December 2021

December was for deadlines and dead lines (actual temporary power outage) but also full of delusions of grandeur as far as a holiday goes. Thankfully I have passed this hurdle (exams + holidaze) three times before and honestly I'm just…

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Capstone Project Blog October + November

Artwork by Amanda Morley for her 2022 wall calendar 

It's almost December already? December is for Deadlines since I have a lot of them. One of the things I appreciate about my post-secondary studies is how it has…

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Capstone Project Blog

SO FOLKS! Im almost almost finished my BFA in Music at Concordia that I started back in 2018. I must say Ive been thanking the universe daily that I was set up in such a way to transition easily to…

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New Album MINIMUM drops in May 2020

With a fresh mix of old and new styles, MILLAGRAM's album MINIMUM offers a perspective from a life lived minimally in many regards. Co-produced by herself and Montreal's hit song machine Paul Cargnello, she explores the experiences of the past…

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Let me introduce myself

My name is millagram. People call me other names but mainly they call me MG. I live in Montreal now but I was born and raised Scotian.It's about that time that I start sharing my story, my present moment and…

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